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We hope to be one of the information & entertainment Centers/Guides on the web introducing to the massive, music, information that is relevant from the Caribbean Diaspora, we also wish that while we are still developing this site you will visit the various Radio/Video stations on our roster


Greetings from the studios of IrieMusic Entertainment Network

Street Blog: We will pose a thought provoking article in our Editors Choice section every month 
we will then ask our viewers/surfers to respond to the journalist opinions, IMN News editors will then
post your opinions in our street chat section please note, space & time are limited so we will post 
several email each day, it's a first come first post situation those that are deemed thought provoking 
will be posted longer
Editors Choice: A monthly review of what's happening in the world of Caribbean entertainment, 
there will be news, views, and interviews with some of the Caribbean entertainers politicians religious
ministers and VIPs from every walks of life  ( see street chat )

Concert Itinerary: The Caribbean Entertainers will have an opportunity to send us their Tour Dates; 
we will post their itinerary in our Concert Itinerary section.
Art Gallery:  We will have an exhibition of Caribbean Arts or Craft from known and unknown 
Caribbean Artist all of which will be on sale by way of prints or on occasion the original which will 
be auctioned

Gift Shop.: Gift trinkets such as jewelry, belts, hats, T-shirts and other Caribbean paraphernalia will 
be sold in our gift shop catalogue 

Travelers Guide: We will inform you on the best places to visit in the Caribbean depending on what 
you are looking for, Example, going on a business Trip, an artist going to Jamaica for a recording 
session and wants to know where the hotels and restaurants that are close to that area or if you need to
take that long overdue vacation 

Recording Studios: A list of the hottest studios in the the Caribbean, and in your neighbourhood 

RadioVision : RadioVision the new concept of listening and viewing,  live & pre-recorded shows for your entertainment pleasure.
Comedy Corner: You can email your best Jokes to  we will review 
and post the funniest jokes in our comedy Corner section ( please check your vulgarities as we expect children 
under 18 to visit our site)

Nuff said go forth and enjoy, and please buy your CDs from us    Thanks